Encounter the 12 Projects of the Year!


Here it is: the most creative, innovative, sustainable and generally awesome digital content by young developers 2013! CONGRATULATIONS to the winning teams :)

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Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease!

Gluten-Free Maps Europe

Education for All!

Allversity.org | Call for Books | WHATCHADO

Power 2 Women!

Our Right

Create your Culture!

In a multicolor chip - Cyborg Project | SpunOut.ie – Irelands Youth Website

Go Green!

Jerry Do It Together | Wiithaa, the upcycling network | Woody

Pursue Truth!

Beyond Violence | paroli Magazin



Allversity.org (Germany) | Winner in the category Education for All!


Allversity is a free learning platform that specializes in entrepreneurship, agriculture, health and rights, targeted at young people aged thirteen and up. The project concentrates primarily on bringing high-quality learning materials to community knowledge centers located in poor areas of Africa, particularly in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana. It serves as a digital library and training center for young people. Allversity.org was launched in early summer 2013 and already over one thousand lessons are hosted on the platform. Upcoming courses include entrepreneurship, sustainable agriculture, personal health, and basic programming.

Producers: Shane McMillan, Dimitrina Filipovan, Ysanne Choksey, Christian Kroll & Sabra Melamed


Beyond Violence (United Kingdom) | Winner in the category Pursue Truth!

Beyond Violence

According to Amnesty International, every day 1,500 people fall victim to armed conflicts, 90 per cent of them civilians. BeyondViolence.org hosts non-violent conflict transformation campaigns, led by the ideas of local people. Through the effective and innovative use of communication technologies the platform provides and shares petition software that enables dialogue, raises awareness of the destructive impact of violence, and points towards opportunities for peaceful conflict transformation. Current campaigns concentrate on Colombia, Pakistan and Zimbabwe where they give people hope that a future beyond violence is possible.

Producers: Anna Bilous, Paul Steinheuer & Tim Williams


Call for Books (Germany) | Winner in the category Education for All!

The online initiative Call for Books enables to donate knowledge instead of money. Local volunteers around the world collect book wishes by children whose families do not have the financial means to support their education. Together with a picture and a short description the wishes are uploaded to the website callforbooks.org where they can be viewed and answered by volunteers. Through a simple online form they announce their donation, upload a picture and a personal letter for the child they want to support. So far, more than 130 books have been shipped to kids all over the globe this way.

Producer: Carina Schmid, Martin Wauligmann, Ben Eve & Rebecca Grübel


Gluten-Free Maps Europe (Italy) | Winner in the category Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease!

Gluten-Free Maps Europe

Up to one in 300 Europeans suffers from Coeliac disease, a chronic gastric illness that causes hypersensitivity to gluten. Those affected can learn to live with their condition, but this becomes decidedly problematic when they want to travel. How is one supposed to find gluten-free food along the way? The website Gluten-Free Maps Europe provides a solution. An interactive map helps coeliacs to find gluten-free shops and restaurants all over Europe. The platform also allows users to exchange cooking recipes and gives access to ratings and reviews of places they have visited, thus helping travelers to enjoy carefree meals on their journeys.

Producers: Giacomo Filippo Porzio, Mirjam Eiswirth, Manuel Engelstahl, Gianluca Nastasi, Chiara Marzocchi & Lana Pavkov


In a multicolor chip - Cyborg Project (Spain) | Winner in the category Create your Culture! 

Eyeborg Project

Xip Multicolor turns people into cyborgs. No, not to use them as war machines, but to widen their senses and capabilities by creating and applying cybernetic extensions to the human body. Founder and first guinea pig of the Initiative is Neil Harbisson, who was born colorblind. Already in 2004 he and his team of creative heads developed an electric eye that transcribes colors into sounds. Today, the “Eyeborg” is available in its 6th generation. The high-tech device allows colorblind people to experience the world of colorations in real-time. At the moment, the cam-earplug combination works for external use only, but a chip-implant is currently being developed. Moreover, an interactive audio-visual documentary about the project and an Eyeborg-app are to be released soon.

Producers: Isaac Martínez Rovira, Joey Cumeras Khan, Pep Parés, Arnau Costa & Roger Soldevila Fíguls


Jerry Do It Together (France) | Winner in the category Go Green!

Jerry is a customizable computer inside of a plastic jerry can, built with its final users. The project relies on simple open-source manuals that explain how to assemble Jerry out of end-of-life materials, thus turning electronic scrap into a low-cost solution for digital empowerment. A global community of users and builders relays it locally where it offers cheap and eco-friendly access to information and communication technologies. Youandjerrycan.org connects DIY-fans from all around the world and provides the information needed to assemble the recycling-computer.

Producers: Justine Hannequin & Ah-Kiem Emilien


Our Right (Netherlands) | Winner in the category Power 2 Women! 

Girls in Delhi

Clean toilets are important for aspects such as dignity, self-esteem, personal hygiene and public health, especially for young girls. Nevertheless, they are a rarity in many regions of the world. Voices of Women Media, initiator of Our Right, aims to empower young women by teaching them to understand and utilize the strength of their voices to make a concrete change in their community and improve the toilets in the urban slums of South Delhi. The project does not only teach the participants how to use different forms of media, with an emphasis on photography, radio, and video, but also trains them in leadership skills. Armed with information, the participants will gather community support to put pressure on local government authorities to improve the condition of public toilets in their area.

Producers: Ilena Saturay, Asha Tiwari, Renu Arya & Catalina Diaz


 Paroli Magazin (Austria) | Winner in the category  Pursue Truth!


Paroli is a young online magazine with a focus on society, politics and culture. Since March 2012 it provides unconventional reports on important topics, targeted at youths and young adults. The e-paper comprises seven categories and publishes stories that derive directly from the streets of Austria’s capital Vienna. Reports, interviews, analytical essays, and opinions deal with youth-related issues such as education, immigration and military service, which is still compulsory for Austrian male youths. Infographics vividly explain complex topics and thus aim to overcome the aversion many young readers show for “old-fashioned” statistics and diagrams.

Producers: Johanna Schwarz, Yvonne Widler & Fabian Lang


SpunOut.ie – Irelands Youth Website (Ireland) | Winner in the category Create your Culture!


SpunOut.ie is a non-profit website created by young people for young people. The online magazine promotes positive mental health, general wellbeing and healthy living in order to reduce harmful behavior amongst youths aged 16 to 26. It aims to help teenagers and young adults in Ireland and Northern Ireland to make informed decisions. This includes providing non-judgmental information on smoking, drinking, drug consumption and unprotected sex as well as on the hazards of internet addiction and compulsive gambling. 852 articles by over 250 authors, including youth opinions and professionally checked health information, have been published so far.

Producer: John Buckley, Marie Duffy, Tricia Purcell & Ian Power


 WHATCHADO (Austria) | Winner in the category  Education for All!


The career-counseling portal whatchado.net is an orientation guide for those undecided what to do with their job lives. Numerous video stories provide insight into the work life of professionals who have already entered the corporate world and thus support those who still have this step ahead of them. They depict a day in the life of people with various professions – from bookkeepers to the president of Austria. More than 1,600 success stories have already been collected and published. An elaborated JobDating algorithm helps to point out new perspectives for people who are still in education and those currently seeking employment.

Producers: Kambis Kohansal-Vajargah, Stefan Patak, Manuel Bovio, Jubin Honarfar & Ali Mahlodji


Wiithaa, the upcycling network (France) | Winner in the category  Go Green!  

Wiitha, the upcycling network

Wiithaa is an upcycling network. Upcycling means breathing new life into an object by adding value with a fresh design and new application spectrum. By helping businesses and communities to reduce or recover the waste they produce it opens new economic, social and environmental opportunities and contributes to a transition from a linear to a circular economy. Waste is turned into a new resource. In the Wiithaa Boutique, designer furniture made of empty tin cans, old road signs and other end-of-life materials is showcased and available to be purchased and assigned a new purpose.

Producers: Brieuc Saffré & Nicolas Buttin


Woody (Austria) | Winner in the category Go Green!

Woody the Timber Worm

Kids these days can’t tell a beech from an oak, huh? Then they apparently haven’t played with Woody, a timber worm who needs your assistance to survive. You need to feed Woody with wood by interacting with real trees in your environment in order to extend his life as long as possible. It is your choice whether to cut down a tree or let Woody just nibble a bit.You will see that when chopping down all trees in your surrounding area it will become increasingly difficult to gather food for Woody. With this gameplay mechanics the infotainment app aims to boost the awareness of trees and nature in urban areas and to encourage people to think about sustainability and resource management. Informative features such as an extensive Treepedia and a map of all trees in the Austrian capital Vienna are combined with fun gameplay, thus making Woody an entertaining and rewarding experience.

Producers: Alois Paul Spiesberger-Höckner, Florian Jungwirth, Christoph Wöss & Georg Steinfelder